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December 2023 Update: Some patients are currently at risk of severe financial burden and increased medical issues and costs due to Copay Accumulator Adjustment Programs. Click the button below for more information and learn how you can help efforts to stop these harmful programs.

In 2013, the Florida Hemophilia Association and Bleeding Disorders Foundation of Florida formed the Bleeding Disorders Coalition of Florida (BDCF). The coalition includes volunteers from the bleeding disorders community across Florida and from national organizations.

The mission of the Bleeding Disorders Coalition of Florida is to preserve access to quality and affordable health care for all Floridians affected by bleeding disorders. BDCF was developed to increase our capacity to advocate for access to care for those affected by hemophilia and other bleeding disorders in the State.

In order to achieve our mission, the Bleeding Disorder Coalition of Florida has educated the community at large about bleeding disorders; develop and maintain relationships with key decision makers; cultivate relationships with organizations that have similar goals; inform consumers about their resources at all levels of government; and inform decision makers of the effects of legislation on persons with bleeding disorders and their families.

Since its inception more than a year ago, BDCF has developed a grass roots committee that represents the Bleeding Disorders Community. The committee has had the opportunity to participate in advocacy training, host a day at the State Capital in Tallahassee Florida, and develop a strategic plan outlining advocacy goals and objectives.

Advocacy Resources and Links